Re: Deadline

Laura Breeden ([email protected])
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:39:00 -0800

Well, I am glad I made you so happy!

>can't tell how happy i am now,
>after coming to work a bit
>before enjoying the rest of
>my second sunday
>and reading your comments.
>I was quite aware how vague some parts are (were) and that made me quite
>nervous. Especially during the weekend when I had the joy to relax, go out
>to nature and parties to dance, play football on real grass (winter in the
>Netherlands seems to quite different compared to Finnish) and talk with
>people I started to realize all kinds of mistakes and unclarities I had

It is good to get away from :work" and do these physical things with your
body. There is intelligence of a different kind in the body, and all kinds
are needed. So the time away probably helped you see the work more
clearly. I'm sure that if you explore your thoughts and feelings a bit
more you will have things to add. But I hope you will not struggle too
much with it; already it is going well.

A famous American writer, Mark Twain, once said, "Easy writing is damned
hard reading." :-)

>Perhaps these computer classes with bad air and all kinds of machines
>making noises are not the best work environment after all, eh.

Too true!

>Thanks again for the comments, I'll go through the text trying to sort it
>out and answer your questions then.
>Hope you still have the sun, at least here it seems to be beautiful :)
>+ an + ~ Toni ~ : (t . !

PS what does "an" stand for???