Seeds 23-29

As the ant among foreign-enemy ants is killed,
so the ant without ants dies,

but being without ants is as sweet as honeydew. [*The Author of the Acacia Seeds]

an .org-t

Pattie Maes: Humanizing the Global Computer

"Now that we have a network, it's as though we already have our intelligent machine. It's a huge distributed system in which, like an ant society, none of the components are critical."

besides ants, there are plants, with their secrets

still: Work (no play)

oh, and sorry for not introducing myself -- after all, this is my personal homepage (t). you could of course see the pages of my little brother's, all their names begin with 'T' as well: Timo, Taneli and Taavetti (in birth order). naturally, we also have a father, his name begins with R though. now there is a new boy in their family, even!

family, J and e

there are also Other people in the world.
some yet others are absolutely poor.


some photos of light in the dark

and another kind of a part is something like this:
03:41 <M12> any suggestions for a good linux avi player?
03:42 <an-t> i've never played publicly as a dj, some other's of are and i like it too
03:43 <an-t> xine was discussed earlier on #pygame (to have it there via libxine perhaps)
03:43 <an-t> i've often used mplayer but it's non-free
03:43 <M12> aha...
03:43 <M12> ...
03:43 <M12> xine?
03:43 <an-t> but it can use Windows dlls so you can view Microsoft formats
03:43 <M12> hehehe
03:44 <M12> really?
03:44 <an-t> yes xine is an ok video player
03:44 <M12> and opensource?
03:44 <an-t> and yes, there is a w32codecs (unofficial of course) package for debian by the 
               mplayer ppl
03:45 <M12> sweey
03:45 <an-t> both mplayer and xine are open source, but only xine is purely free i heard today on 
03:45 <an-t> haven't actually checked if xine works on macosx, have used mplayer there
03:46 <an-t> but mostly quicktime of course
03:49 <M12> yeah
03:51 <M12> what kind of things have you put together with pygame?
03:52 <an-t> hm, the first is a video based quiz, did that for a science center
03:53 <M12> cool
03:53 <an-t> then i made an character animation system in Python but used that with Blender, some 
               parts are reusable elsewhere too (like the TimeCode and RhythmMaster classes), that 
               work is documented in and published in
03:54 <an-t> then a kind of a drawing app, and now a network game where am generating textures 
               using classes made for that drawing app
03:54 <M12> holy crap... that's badass
03:54 <an-t> ?
03:55 <M12> all of it, really... i just started yesterday so i don't know the potential of pygam
03:56 <M12> what type of net game?
03:57 <an-t> just a little test for designing which we are working on
03:58 <an-t> did/doing that test based on sjbrowns example
 [03:55] [antont(+iw)] [17:M12] [Act: 2,3,5,6,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,16]                             

i have been to Nurnberg too, but that photo is not mine: